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If you are looking to either build a kitchen from scratch, or just redesign an existing kitchen, it is important to consider how all the features will function and make sure nothing is impacted negatively. Your kitchen needs to flow and work for you and the design is key in doing that. Going into a kitchen remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan without first planning it out and discussing the following items with your family and contractor can lead to disaster. Although the kitchen components may be all included and working the kitchen may not be functional and aggravating to navigate. Be sure to avoid these mistakes when getting a kitchen remodel in your home.

4 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Before you decide to move forward with your kitchen remodel project be sure to take a look at these items. Avoiding common mistakes is crucial to getting the outcome you want. Plus, some of these items will not be immediately noticable but will show up later. Here are the four commonly overlooked design features that end up being mistakes and hindrances include:

4 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


You need to consider how easy it is to navigate your kitchen when planning your layout. If you are cooking  or baking it is important to be able to easily access your cabinets, fridge and utensils. If you want to cook with someone else it is important to be able to navigate the kitchen without tripping over each other or having to leave the room while the other person works. Consider your current kitchen and what you would like to be changes. Do you wish something was closer together or that there was more separation? Use that as a starting point to your design and focus on functionality rather than following trends.


Outlet locations can be one of the most annoying parts of any home design. This is especially true in the kitchen as you try to use a variety of kitchen appliances with a limited amount of outlets. Consider what appliances you need to have plugged in the majority of the time like microwaves, toasters or coffee makers and then what appliances you use less often. Do you mind unplugging them to gain access to more outlets or would you rather just have more outlets? You should also consider the location of the outlets and how convenient that location will be. Plan to have enough outlets and put them in locations where you won’t take up unnecessary counterspace or have to awkwardly navigate to use your appliances.


Storage is a huge factor in how you design your kitchen. Most people believe that having more cabinets means you have the best storage option, but it is important to consider how much space you are wasting with bulky storage. Consider custom storage rather than just picking something out of a catalog. This will guarantee you get what you need for storage without worrying about taking up too much space or not having enough space to store everything. Custom storage can also be a fantastic way to make sure everything is where you want it and easy to access without having to buy racks or bins to further organize within your cabinets.


An often overlooked feature of any kitchen, ventilation is a must have. Consider when you boil water or cook on the stove. The steam and smoke that naturally forms can activate fire alarms or at the very least create too much heat in your kitchen. There are also the scenarios were you may burn something and need to get not only the smoke, but the smell out of your home. Consider whether you want to have a hood range or a ceiling fan and don’t pay for it later when your dinner gets overcooked and spills into the rest of your home.

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