Roof Leak Ann Arbor MI

A small roof leak may seem like something that is very insignificant. Many people consider it more of a fustration rather than a major home improvement need. But allowing a roof leak to remain without getting a qualified roofer in Ann Arbor Michigan to come out and make repairs to your home’s roof can be devastating. There are many problems that may start with just a small roof leak but it can cause all sorts of problems. 

Allowing a roof leak to continue can not only lead to more damage on the roof but it can also damage areas inside the home. What’s even worse is that if you allow a roof leak to continue long enough it may even start to promote mold growth in your home. Once your home has mold getting it removed can be costly and potentially unhealthy situation. Be sure to check out these 5 common causes for a roof leak in Ann Arbor Michigan and if you notice any of them on your home be sure to call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor for a roof inspection on your home.

5 Common Causes of a Roof Leak in Ann Arbor Michigan

While it’s not advised for a home owner to inspect their own roofs there are some things that home owners can do. Going on to your home’s roof is dangerous and should only be done by properly trained and qualified professionals who have the appropriate safety equipment to do so. Most of the roofing components can be inspected from the ground however. You can also use binoculars or even a drone to survey areas on your roof that you think may be problematic. While looking at your roof be sure to consider these 5 areas which are common for roof leaks:

5 Common Causes of a Roof Leak in Ann Arbor Michigan

Failing Roof Flashing on the Roof

Areas on the roof such as edges where shingles meet siding typically has a type of metal called flashing installed. There are different thicknesses in flashing along with different materials and qualities. Most flashing can last as long as the roof provided it is installed correctly. But sometimes flashing can start to break down and pull away from siding which leads to a roof leak. There are many different causes for flashing to fail and it should be carefully inspected.

Chimney Leaks

Flashing can also be found around some roofing components such as chimneys. With the chimney heating up and then cooling down it can lead to a roof leak that you may not even realize. The expanding and contracting is usually prevented by using a more supple rubber roofing cement. However, over time this can become brittle and start to crack and break. Once the chimney starts leaking it will likely get worse. Most chimney roof repairs is a simple fix that is not expensive compared to other roofing repairs.

Skylights Leaking

Having a skylight in your home is great until it starts leaking. Since the skylight is susceptible to the same expansion and contraction as chimneys it can lead to broken seals on the skylight exterior which can lead to a roof leak. Alternatively, the skylight itself can be leaking and not sealing properly. Determining your skylight is leaking is much easier and can usually be seen from the interior of the home. However, just because you don’t see water on the inside of the skylight doesn’t mean it is not leaking as the water can make it’s way further down before being apparent.

Shingles Damaged and Leaking

Another problem that your roof may encounter is damaged shingles. This usually happens after a storm has passed with high winds. As shingles get older they become more susceptible to damage and can break more easily. Look for broken or damaged shingles on your roof and if you see any it’s best to get them repaired. Sometimes if your shingles are damaged the roof leak may not start right away and can take some time before it leaks.

Plumbing and Ventilation Pipes that Are Leaking

Other roofing components that many people never think about is ventilation and plumbing pipes. These are small pipes that penetrate the roofing surface to allow for air to enter plumbing systems and exhaust fans and such. Having a roof leak around one of these components may not be evident at first but when they exist they can lead to lots of interior damage on your home.

Get a Roof Inspection on Your Home

If you suspect any of the problems above on your Ann Arbor Michigan home be sure to contact Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today for a roof inspection on your home. Being able to prevent any further damage is key to ensure the roof will last a long time.