Has the windows in your Ann Arbor Michigan home been performing as they should? One big problem that many home owners face is that the windows they think are in great shape in their home is actually failing and needs to be replaced. In this article I’ll list 6 signs that you can check to see if your windows are performing as they should. And if your windows aren’t protecting your home as they should how Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor can help with replacement windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

5 Signs You Need Replacement Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

One of the most common home improvement projects that a home owner can do to get the most return is to install replacement windows in your home. Replacement windows that are manufactured today are much more energy efficient than those made just 20 years ago. That increased energy efficiency may not seem like much but when you compare the cost of the energy that your current windows are using over the next 20 years you can see a dramatic difference. This cost saving is what most people consider to be the biggest factor when deciding on whether they should replace their home’s windows or not. However, if your windows have any of the following problems then you may want to consider getting replacement windows in Ann Arbor Michigan anyway.

5 Signs You Need Replacement Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

Broken Glass in The Window Sash

Although most windows in homes today have at least two panes of glass there are still single pane windows installed in a few older homes. No matter how many panes of glass your home has however you’ll always want every pane in the window to be okay. Even a crack in the pane can make the window less energy efficient. The reason is that the inside of the window is pressurized and a crack will let the gas out which makes the window much less energy efficient. Even a very small crack in the window will cause this so if it has a crack in the window sash be sure to get it repaired or replaced.

Window Doesn’t Open Properly

There was always a problem with painted windows with them opening properly. Paint can sometimes seep into the track of the window and cause it not to open properly. This can happen with vinyl and fiberglass windows as well because of broken parts or improper installation. Being able to open the window and escape the home is crucial if there is a fire or other emergency in the home. Make sure your windows open properly and stay open as well.

Blown Glass in Windows

Another problem much like cracked or broken windows is blown glass in the window. This happens when the seal around the glass has failed and allowed the pressurized gases to escape. Once these pressurized gases escape it allows condensation to enter and the window usually has a buildup of condensation between the glasses on the window. If your home’s windows have blown glass or this condensation in between the glass be sure to get the windows replaced as they are no longer energy efficient.

Dull, Drab Look to the Window

Sometimes the reasons you need to replace your home’s windows isn’t because they are failing it’s because they just look bad. Not to say that it’s not a good home improvement project but by replacing your home windows you can give your home a newer and more updated look. This upgrade also increases the curb appeal of your home which makes the value of your home increase.

Insect or Wood Rot Damages

A common type of window in older homes is wooden windows. While wooden windows are still sold today they have high maintenance requirements which most home owners wish to avoid. There are other window choices which don’t have these requirements yet look very similar. One of the maintenance needs is to keep the wood from rotting or from having insect damage. If your wooden windows has insect damage or wood rot you’ll need to have them replaced.

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