Remodeling Your Basement in Ann Arbor Michigan

Most people never seriously think about remodeling their basement. It’s damp and dark and just a little creepy for most of us. But there are some amazing ways you can transform that basement into something amazing and not just a utility room. In this article I’ll go over some of the top basement remodel tips for Ann Arbor Michigan and give you some tips on what you can do to create an amazing space in your basement. Don’t let that extra space go to waste. Instead, let us provide you with tips and help on turning the basement of your home into useful space. Let’s get started.

The Best Tips for Basement Remodeling in Ann Arbor Michigan

Before you consider any of the basement remodel tips for your basement in Ann Arbor, be sure to consider the following points that will affect any of the home remodel projects that you will do.

  • Moisture and humidity that is present in the basement
  • Ceiling height and whether a room is even possible
  • Usable area for the basement
  • Existing plumbing and electrical components not in the way

All of these things can really affect the basement remodel. Be sure to talk with a basement remodeling contractor in Ann Arbor to get an estimate on how much the remodeling will cost and to discuss these things. Knowing if a basement remodel is even possible is a good idea before you get started and get your hopes up honestly. Once you do, be sure to check out the following basement remodel tips in Ann Arbor Michigan below.

Create Your Very Own Man Cave

Having you own room where you can hang out with your buddies and watch a football game or play darts is great. A basement remodel is a great way to create a man cave that you can enjoy without much expense. Break out those neon signs that are stored in the attic and don’t bring any coasters, the game is on! If you are looking to give your man a gift he will love, give him a man cave. It will also benefit you. Most women hear man cave and think their men don’t want to be around them, but actually, some time to yourselves will do you both some good and will probably bring you closer. If the basement is large enough, why not making  a man cave and a woman cave. Then you both will have a place to go to unwind. Maybe not at the same time, but you will have somewhere to go.

Add a Movie Room Complete with Refreshments

Another great basement remodel idea is to create a movie room. Because the basement doesn’t have large windows, if any, it can get really dark. Adding a large television and some cool seating can give you a home theater where you can enjoy a movie night. You can also add components like a microwave and mini refrigerator for refreshments. If you want the complete movie theater experience you can add theater seating in rows which can be awesome!

Having you own room where you can hang out with your
buddies and watch a football game or play darts is great.

Don’t Forget About Your Comfort

One thing I do want to mention before you take on a basement remodel in Ann Arbor is a question about your comfort. Typically, most basements don’t have a heating and cooling system in place to keep it at a comfortable temperature. When you’re considering the basement remodel ideas in Ann Arbor be sure to make sure it’s comfortable in the basement temperature wise. The winter in Ann Arbor gets cold and enjoying a movie night when the temperature in the basement never makes it above 40 degrees can turn a short movie into an extremely long one. Ask your home improvement contractor about HVAC for your basement before you get a basement remodel.

Build Out Your Own Home Studio

Have you ever wanted your own studio where you can just rock out on your guitar or drums. Building a studio in your basement is much easier than renting a studio downtown. A great basement remodel idea in Ann Arbor is to add a studio that you can use. You can add sound proofing materials so that others in the home aren’t bothered and you’re completely okay to crank up to tunes. You can even add in creative lighting and a stage if you have enough room.

Consider Dropping The Ceilings

Most basements have a low ceiling and lots of the home plumbing and electrical are running along that ceiling. However, if you have a bit of room consider adding a drop cieling in the basement that can cover many of those components. It also allows you to add in your specific tile that you want it to look like. Remember, you want to make this remodel more for you and not just another utility room. Think a bit outside the box and I’m sure you can come up with some creative basement remodel ideas in Ann Arbor.

Remember, you want to make this remodel more for you and not
just another utility room that you aren’t going to use.

Make Sure You Use a Fully Qualified Home Improvement Contractor

Are you considering a home improvement project such as a basement remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan home? If so, be sure to use a fully qualified home improvement contractor such as A2HomePros. You can call them and get a free estimate at (734)548-9910. Visit their website by clicking the A2HomePros link above.