Best Maintenance Tips To Keep Wood Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Looking Good

One of the most beautiful and natural siding out there is wood siding, with the old rustic appearance it brings to your house, it’s a great way to boost your curb appeal. However, wood siding has to be properly maintained to remain looking beautiful and being that it’s made from wood, it can certainly get dirty and not look beautiful quickly. This can be stressful for homeowners who have this siding on their home as it does require a lot of maintenance to keep it in great condition.

Best Maintenance Tips To Keep Wood Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Looking Good

There’s lots of things you can do to keep your wood siding maintained properly, as time goes on, weather can interfere with your siding and make it very dirty or cause problems to it. These things can happen all year round and need to be maintained properly to ensure your siding is protecting your home from various amounts of dangers that could harm your homes foundation. Since wood siding is made out of wood, maintaining it can be a little tricky for some homeowners, but we’ve made a list of the best maintenance tips for keeping your wood siding looking good so let’s get started.

Never Neglect Repairs

When something goes wrong with your wood siding, whether it’s a big or small problem, it should be repaired as soon as you’re available to do so. Whenever a problem occurs to your wood siding, it could also affect other aspects of your home. Everything is tied together to fight off dangers to you and your home, so if your wood siding has failed, it could lead to gutter or roof failure as well. Leaving problems unattended can also cause them to become worse and cause a lot of expensive damages depending on how long it’s been neglected.

Keep It Regularly Clean

Wood siding is known to get dirty quick, and it can certainly throw off your curb appeal if it’s dirty. Cleaning wood siding isn’t that hard of a task if you’re using a pressure washer, however there’s a good chance you’ll damage your wood siding if you attempt to pressure wash it yourself with no experience. We always highly recommend going to an expert who has the experience to pressure wash your wood siding to avoid any damages that could potentially happen.

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Inspect Your Wood Siding Regularly

Inspections are recommended twice a year and after major storms, this helps prevent damages becoming worse since you’ll be able to find them. Inspecting your wood siding is an easy task to do and can grant you a lot of benefits if you find a problem before it finds you. Looking around every side of your home is a great way to inspect your siding for any mishaps that may have happened.

Don’t Use Sprinklers Around Your Wood Siding

Many homeowners have sprinklers in their yard to help the grass or flowers to grow around their home. However, if your sprinklers are too close to your homes siding, then you’ll want to move them away so that they won’t spray water on your wood siding. This can be an issue as water can soak into your siding and allow mold to start growing as water becomes trapped.

Repaint And Restain Your Siding

Since wood can absorb water so easily, wood siding has a layer of paint and stain to prevent water from water damaging your wood siding. These coats should be redone every few years or if you find any types of deep scratches or chips in your wood siding. This allows for your wood siding to keep repelling water so that mold and such doesn’t begin to grow on the inside or outside of your wood siding.

Wood siding is certainly a beautiful siding used among plenty of homes, however it’s not a siding that requires low maintenance. You’ll find yourself spending lots of time keeping it properly maintained, but for the beauty and boosted curb appeal that wood siding brings to your home, it’s certainly worth keeping it in great shape to continue protecting your home from various amounts of dangers that mother nature can bring yearly. Make sure to never neglect problems that your wood siding is having, as this will only spread and cause more of a headache in the future.

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