Best Siding Contractors Near Me

Have you noticed your siding is falling apart lately? If so, it may be of poor quality or was installed by an inexperienced contractor, because high-quality siding should last for years and years. If you’re unsure whether or not it needs to be replaced, take a look at this handy list:

Best Siding Contractors Near Me

Five signs you may new siding replacement or installation

Fading – if the color has significantly faded, chances are it’s worn out its welcome.

Mildew or mold damage – if there is any such noticeable growth, it represents a health hazard and should be removed.

Bubbles – if you see bubbles that indicates water has become trapped underneath your siding, so it needs to be inspected immediately.

Loose or cracked boards – heavy storms might have caused some to crack or become loose, so they may need repairing and / or replacing.

Holes – holes in siding can be pesky insects have damaged or rotted it, and in that case, you need an inspection and siding replacement asap.

Now that you’ve started paying attention to your home’s siding, you need to begin searching for a reliable siding company, one that is licensed and certified to do home improvements and pull permits. You definitely don’t want to go looking for someone on one of those free “for sale” websites, that is too risky.

There are many siding companies near Ann Arbor MI so you need to be careful when evaluating your choices. Check to see if they have a Facebook or Twitter page, and what customers are commenting about them. Ask them what kinds of projects they’ve done recently, and request a few photos. If they perform other services such as install doors, tiling, flooring, windows, cement, drywall, and cabinets, you might want to bundle a few home improvements together to save money.

Now that you’ve started paying attention to your home’s siding, you need to begin searching for a reliable siding company, one that is licensed and certified to do home improvements and pull permits.

Do-it-yourself siding could spell disaster

There are plenty of homeowners in Ann Arbor that figure it would be easier and cheaper to do home remodeling jobs themselves rather than call an insured, licensed company. They might not realize, though, the amount of skill and materials needed for home remodeling projects. Reputable siding installers typically have more than 20 years of experience remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, garages, living rooms, basements, roofs, windows and more. They’re used to carrying heavy equipment and climbing ladders. Recently in the news there were several reports of homeowners that died as a result of shoveling. In cases such as this, it pays to call a company that is recognized as being friendly, experienced and one of the best siding contractors near to 48103. Is it really worth it to save a few dollars when you might be putting your safety at risk?

Trusted siding professionals are used to doing roof replacements, siding installation, and gutters in extreme hot and cold temperatures. They have heavy uniforms that offer head-to-toe protection and use state-of-the-art ladders, in addition to GAF and CertainTeed certified materials. There’s no substitute for knowledge and skill when it comes to your commercial or residential property. You want the very best!

Best Siding Contractors Near Me 2

Ask these questions

When you call a home improvement or building contractor, write down a few things to ask so you can make sure they are a good fit for you.

  • Do they offer free quotations and siding inspections?
  • What kind of guarantees and warrantees are available?
  • Can you get a discount on siding?
  • Are they insured, certified and licensed in the state of Michigan?

Knowledge is power, so the more you ask the more you’ll know. Your home is the biggest asset you own, and you want to make sure it’s built to last and durable. Your family deserves the very best, so it’s never a good idea to skimp on contractors or home improvement professionals. By calling top siding experts in Ann Arbor Michigan, you will be protecting your investment as well as your loved ones.

You don’t want mold, fungus, mildew, holes, leaks, cracks or water bubbles existing on your siding. Calling the #1 home improvement company in your neighborhood is very smart thinking. You will then be worry-free and sleep well at night, knowing your home has the best quality siding in Wayne County.