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One of the biggest threats for home windows isn’t what you may think. It isn’t the neighborhood kids playing baseball but it’s actually the weather. Here in Ann Arbor Michigan there are huge temperature swings which can affect your home windows in a variety of ways. During the summer the temperatures can rise quickly and the warm temperature can cause the windows to expand. But when it gets cold and the ice and snow starts appearing the windows can then shrink which can certainly cause problems. Imagine the cracks that can appear if your windows were not installed by a qualified window contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan. Problems can quickly arise and cause your energy costs to skyrocket. We have included some of the things you should look for during the colder season here in Ann Arbor Michigan. If you notice any of these problems be sure to call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor to get a free consultation on replacement windows for your home. 

Does Temperature Affect your Home Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan?

The weather is changing, and as the thermometer drops, the risk of potential damage to your house windows increases. The size of the glass in your windows can fluctuate during this time of the year, so it is important to keep an eye on it. This type of issue might be hard to notice at first, yet it is essential that you stay observant throughout the year. Some of the dangers include (but are not limited to) cracked glass, warped frames, and difficulty opening and closing your windows. Why does this happen, and more importantly, how can you prevent it?

5 Signs You Need Replacement Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

Warped Frames

As a general rule of thumb, heat causes expansion and cold causes contraction. With varying temperatures, you can imagine how frequently and easily your window frames can become stressed throughout any single day. The damage might start out as a miniscule problem, but over time and when left untreated, this could become a more serious issue.

Without proper alignment, your house windows will no longer be able to properly seal. This could mean a variety of things, from allowing cold air into your home to even letting moisture seep through. In more extreme cases, a warped window frame can lead to serious structural damage for your home. With a weakened wall due to water damage, your windows can begin to pull away from the wall entirely.

Stress Cracks in the Windows and Window Frames

Window panes are sensitive, and they can easily become damaged by daily weather conditions. Naturally, as the weather is colder outside, you will be relying on heating indoors. Because your windows are not used to this sudden change in temperature, they are at risk of becoming weak. The same applies for when it is hot outside and you begin to utilize the air conditioner.

Pressure can cause stress fractures, or even deep cracks, along your window pane. As time goes on, these cracks can spread and make their way up your entire window. Just as it sounds, this is a dangerous possibility, and it puts you at risk of losing the entire window. If you notice any of these signs, you could be in for an expensive repair process in your future.

Preventative Measures for your Home Windows

What can be done to prevent these problems, yet still allow you to live in a comfortable temperature during these Winter months? Quality makes all the difference. If you can afford to select materials that are durable and trustworthy, you will be better off in the long run. Also, remember to contact a local contractor right away if you notice any sticking when you try to open and close your windows. A general inspection could be the solution, and could potentially save you the repair costs. Nobody likes to live in a construction zone, especially during the wintertime.

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