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Throughout the year your roof will face all sorts of threats and challenges. For the most part, the roof can withstand many of them but as the roofing materials get older it can start to break down. Once this break down starts to occur it can leave your home vulnerable and may result in a roof leak. While some of the problems that your roof may face is completely out of your hands there are some things that you should look for on your roof that can indicate that it is failing or will soon fail. Being able to determine this can save you thousands of dollars in damages resulting from a roof leak occurring. I’ll go over some of the signs you’ll want to look for on your roof which can help you determine if it’s failing or not. 

Don’t Miss These Signs Your Roof is Failing in Ann Arbor Michigan

The roof protects the home and keeps the weather on the outside however it can sometimes fail and when it does getting roof repair as quickly as possible is a must. Although you’ll need a qualified roofing technician to make a full inspection on your roof there are some things that you can do as a home owner to help determine if you need a roofing inspection. It is not advised that you go onto your roof to inspect any of these signs. You can view the entire roofing surface from the ground in most cases. And a fall from the home’s roof can result in serious injury or death and should only be done by qualified professionals with the proper safety equipment.

Don't Miss These Signs Your Roof is Failing in Ann Arbor Michigan

Storm Damage on the Roofing Surface

One of the biggest problems for roofing materials typically isn’t breaking down but it’s actually that it breaks down to a point where it can be more easily damaged by a storm. Things such as hail falling on the roof can cause damage on the roof. But one of the biggest problems the roof will usually experience is wind damage. As storms come through with high winds it can cause the shingles to break and actually blow away from the roof. And as the roof gets older it is much more susceptible to damage from wind. A new roof may be able to withstand winds as much as 75mph but for a roof that is over 30 years old it may only be able to withstand 25mph winds before damage occurs. Of course there are many factors that will play into this scenario but is certainly something you should look for. After a storm has passed through the area make sure to look over your roof from the ground and look for damages caused by the wind. You’ll likely see dark areas in places that were damaged by wind.


Curling Shingles on the Roof

One of the reasons that age plays a huge factor when it comes to wind damage is that the shingles will actually start to curl on the edges. This curling makes the shingles rise away from the roofing surface and more into the wind. As the shingles curl they also lose adhesion to the shingles that are beneath them. so not only will the shingles be more of a surface area for wind but they aren’t as secure as they once were. This will usually result in the shingle being blown up and broken by the wind. The older the shingles get the more they will face this issue. If your shingles are curling on the edges it’s likely time to get a new roof installed on your home.

Moss or Vegetation Buildup on the Roof

There is also a threat of moss or vegetation growing on your roof that can damage it. On most older roofing surfaces that have overhanging trees moss can grow on the roof which can damage the roof. It will allow moisture to be retained on the surface of the shingles which over time will cause the shingles to fail prematurely. Make sure all trees and vegetation are kept away from the roof and if you see moss or vegetation growing on the roof be sure to get it inspected quickly.

Get a Roof Inspection on Your Home

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