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Roofs are designed to last between 15 and 35 years when properly maintained. But there are plenty of factors working against your roof, trying to break it down. To give you and your roof the best chance of saving money and avoiding damage, it is important to know where the threats lie. Once you know what can hurt your roof, you can better protect it. Some of these things you can do something about while others will require you to get a new roof in Ann Arbor Michigan installed on your home. We’ll go over each item to help you better understand just what you can do to protect your roof.

Factors That Will Lead to Roof Deterioration in Ann Arbor Michigan

Weather is one of the biggest factors that can affect your roof. During storms and high winds your roof is under the most threat. And it’s not just from the weather itself. Wind and hail can certainly damage your roof but your roof can also be damaged by other items such as branches or trees which can be moved by the weather to impact your roof. And what’s worse is that the older your home’s roof is the more easily it can be damaged by weather. With that being said, be sure to regularly inspect your roof and look for problems. Some of those problems may be as follows.

Factors That Will Lead to Roof Deterioration in Ann Arbor Michigan


Moisture is one of the biggest threats to your home, especially your roof. This is because moisture can get into incredibly small spaces and is very difficult to get out. Once moisture is in your home it can quickly work to form leaks, damage wood structures and even form mold. This can all lead to some serious health and safety risks, as well as very costly repairs.

To help prevent moisture damage to your roof, you need to prevent it from sitting. This means keeping gutters clear, removing debris from your roof, and installing features like flashings and fascia boards. You should also consider installing a vapor barrier to help add another layer of protection to your roof that will block moisture from getting through.

UV Rays

Your roof gets very little relief from the sun’s rays, making UV rays a major factor in deterioration. These rays absorb into the covering, which can cause damage and allow for perfect places for moisture to get in. You need to look for lighter colored shingles that will not absorb so much heat, as well as reflective coatings.

The reflectiveness will allow the covering to bounce some of the UV rays away, helping to stop absorption. This will help your covering stay intact and avoid becoming brittle or blistered.

Extreme Temperatures

Much like doors, siding and other materials that make up your home, your roof is subject to changing with the weather. As temperatures change, thermal shock comes into play. This is when your roof expands and contracts to accommodate the weather conditions around them. When this movement occurs, you can end up with loose coverings, damaged materials and openings for moisture to get in.

To help prevent your roof from expanding and contracting too much, you need to look into insulation. This includes insulation for both inside your home and roof, as well as the coverings. Certain roof coverings offer more insulation than others, making them better equipped to deal with extreme weather.

It is also important to consider colors and material thickness to help avoid absorbing too much heat into your roof or the cold making them too brittle.

Improper Installation

No matter what kind of materials you use, if you do not install them properly you are subject to problems. It is crucial that you have an experienced professional do the installation and make sure they have worked with the materials before. Installing materials too tightly, loosely, or in any other way wrong can greatly shorten their lifespan and cause them to degrade. You also need to make sure you install your materials on a dry, clear day that is not too hot or cold to get the best results possible.

It’s always best to use a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan when you get a new roof installed or even for roof repairs on your home. Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor is fully qualified and insured and can install your new roof per local building codes and manufacturer specifications. Be sure to call us today and discuss your new roofing project and get a free quote!