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It may be a bit of a surprise when you first notice a spot of water on the floor of your home. Then you look up and see the ceilings wet and has a stain about it. You’ve got a roof leak and dealing with it should be next on your list. Getting roof repairs in Ann Arbor Michigan when you have a roof leak is important and time is certainly a factor to the amount of damage that is being done to your home. This is especially true when we have days and days of rain like earlier this year. There are some things you should be aware of when you have a roof leak and key steps that you should take in order to prevent as much damage as you can which can end up saving you money in the overall project.

Have A Roof Leak in Ann Arbor Michigan? Here’s What You Should Do

There are many causes for a roof leak and just because you have a roof that was recently installed doesn’t mean you won’t get a roof leak. Fallen branches can puncture even a new roof and cause a roof leak. For older roofing storms can break and damage roofing causing a roof leak. In either case, when you have a roof leak on your home, getting it repaired with quickly is important. For some roof repairs that are larger during storms you may need to get emergency roof repairs. Here at Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor we offer 24/7 emergency roof repairs. We will place temporary barriers on your roof which divert water off your roof rather than in your home. Then once the weather clears we provide a more permanent roof repair. These types of repairs are common for large roof problems that may need structural repair as well. Understanding what you should do when you have a roof leak means you’ll need to follow some simple steps which we’ll go over below:

Initial First Steps

The first step you should take when assessing a roof leak is to determine if you should leave your home or not. For intense storms that has high winds the damage to your roof or home can be catastrophic. Trees can fall into homes and completely destroy roofing which may make the home unsafe. If that’s the case it may be better to leave your home. If the roof leak is smaller and you’re able to remain in the home be sure to start minimizing the damage that is occurring. You’ll need to contain the roof leak. Place post, pans, and buckets where the roof leak is occurring and if you need to dump them you can in bathtubs or outside. You may also want to remove items that can be damaged by water from near the roof leak.

Have A Roof Leak in Ann Arbor Michigan? Here's What You Should Do

The Dangers of a Roof Leak

There are many dangers when it comes from a roof leak and they may not always be apparent at first. Here are some common dangers you should be aware of if you have a roof leak in your home:

  • Electrical Dangers

Water and electricity are not something that you want mixing in your home. As water enters the home from a roof leak it can cause water to pool on the floors which may contain electrical cords. Avoid any water that has electrical cords in it. You may also have electrical problems because of water getting into lighting boxes or fixtures and even wall outlets.

  • Structural Dangers

Another problem for more extensive roof leaks is structural damage. Rushing water that is coming into your home can wash away foundation support. Roof leaks that continually affect the home can also affect structural components in the home.

  • Mold and Mildew Problems

For roof leaks that are ongoing, the threat of mold is present. Extended moisture in the attic or walls from a roof leak can lead to mold growth in your home.

Getting a Roof Inspection and Repairs Done

When you have a roof leak it’s always best to call a qualified roofing contractor as soon as possible. At Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor we can repair your home’s roof quickly and affordably. Call us today to get a roof inspection on your home and if needed, roof repair on your home.