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One of the most important components of your home is the roof. The roof protects the entire home from weather and once the roof fails, if it’s not repaired or replaced it can cause all sorts of damages to the interior of the home. Most people never consider just what shape their roof is in until there is a problem. They may notice a leak coming from the ceiling because of a roof leak but chances are once you’ve noticed this roof leak it has already caused damages to the interior of your home. Getting a roof inspection Ann Arbor MI is one way to find these problems before they cause damages to the interior of your home. There are other benefits to getting a roof inspection on your home however which I’ll go over in this article along with other tips related to roofing Ann Arbor

Here’s How a Roof Inspection in Ann Arbor Can Save You Money

Usually when a roof leak occurs the home owners don’t really find it. The leak continues and water enters the home from the roof leak. the water makes it way to insulation in your attic and can run down the interior of walls. Once the water has soaked all of these components it will start to saturate the drywall on walls and ceilings. If the roof leak is small you may never notice this and only hidden areas contain moisture which can lead to mold growth if left unattended. However, the roof leak can be worse and the water will make it’s way through cracks in the ceilings and damage drywall where it gets saturated with water. At this point there is already damage to the interior of the home and water can cause all sorts of damages inside the home like this. That’s why getting a roof inspection to determine if there are problems on your home’s roof is extremely important.

Here's How a Roof Inspection in Ann Arbor Can Save You Money

Finding Small Problems That Can Be Potentially Disastrous

When a roof inspection is done on your home, the roofing contractor doesn’t just look for problems but they also look for potential problems. This can be anything from a misaligned asphalt shingle to a crack developing around a chimney seal. In either case, repairing this potential problems can stop a roof leak before it can develop and cause damages to the interior of your home.

Storm Damage Could Have Occurred on Your Home’s Roof

One of the biggest problems roofing will face is storms which have high winds which can damage roofs. If you suspect your roof may have been damaged by a storm it’s best to get a roof inspection in Ann Arbor to determine if any damage has occurred. It’s important that you don’t go on the roof yourself as this is dangerous and only should be done by qualified roofing experts.

Determine How Much Life Your Roof Has Left

Most home owners don’t know just how much life their roof has left. But with a roof inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan we can help you determine just how much longer your roof will last. As shingles get older they show characteristics of failing which can help us determine just how much life is left in your roof. This is also useful for selling your home as well which many potential buyers will consider when purchasing a home.

Removing Debris and Other Maintenance on the Roof

When debris is continually left on your roof it holds moisture against the shingles. Many times leaves from nearby trees will collect on the roof in valleys and block water being diverted from the roof. Removing this debris can help the water move more freely and doesn’t hold moisture to the roof.

How Often Should You Get a Roof Inspection

If you suspect your home has problems on the roof such as after a large storm it’s best to get a roof inspection. It’s also advised that you get a roof inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan annually to determine if your roof is functioning properly and find any problems.

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