How to Prevent Wind Damage to Your Roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan

Every time a storm approaches the area it can put your roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan at risk. From hail storms in the summer months to ice in the winter your roof is always at risk of damage. The biggest threat of weather for a roof however is the wind that is usually accompanied by these storms. Your roof can be damaged by high winds no matter how old the roof is. Not only is the wind a problem but when you have trees around your home they can become projectiles which can puncture your roof when they fall. There are some things you can do to help prevent problems on your roof from wind however, which we’ll cover below.

How to Prevent Wind Damage to Your Roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan

If you notice leaves beginning to clog your gutter it’s important that you quickly get a professional out to fix the problem. This can quickly cause mold and leaks in no time. If you keep brushing this problem off you could end up having to replace your entire roof a lot sooner than you may think. If you just keep ignoring branches that overhang your home you may also find your roof can be damaged as they could fall and damage your roof. This could quickly become a major problem. If a wind storm comes up, it could break them off and make them come straight through your roof.

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What About Trees Around Your Home?

In Case you’re wondering how far trees should be from your house, 8-10 feet. If they are this far from your home, it will help ensure your roof stays protected. You want to have low-hanging branches trimmed immediately, to help prevent any damage. This isn’t something you want to attempt to do yourself. This could be a very dangerous job, make sure to contact a professional.

The longer you brush it off, the worse condition your roof and gutters will be in. you want to make sure you have your gutters cleaned out regularly and your trees trimmed and inspected. By calling a professional out it will help make sure your home is not under any threat from trees around your home. You won’t have to worry about the trees anymore after they are finished. They will remove any branches that threaten your home and check the tree’s health.

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Get a Roof Inspection on your Roof

You should always get regular roof inspections done to your roof. The amount of money it could end up saving you in the long run is worth every penny. By getting an inspection done if there is a small problem with your roof then you can correct it before it turns into a massive problem. If you keep ignoring the small problems then it could later turn into having to replace your whole roof.

Before diving into paying for a roof inspection, you might want to read the paper work on your current roof. Sometimes roof manufacturers will include yearly inspections in their warranty. This could be a big help to you because you could end up not having to pay nothing out of pocket for it. The average person normally gets 1-2 inspections a year.

Sometime Mother Nature Just Wins

Though you can take all the precautions you want, you always have to remember, you can’t predict mother nature. With the right hurricane it could still easily destroy the roof of your home. But with annual inspections and keeping the trees around your home maintained, it will help tremendously. Maintaining the trees on your property is something you should never try to do by yourself. You should always call a professional for this process. If not you could end up losing a couple of limbs.

Another plus side about calling a professional is that normally cleaning up is included in the price. Most of the times they will also clean the debris out of your gutters too. The money you’d pay now may seem like a lot. But in the long run it could end up saving you thousands of dollars. Be sure to call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today if you have any roofing issues on your home or need a roof inspection.