Siding in Ann Arbor MI

If you are noticing signs of damage on your vinyl siding in Ann Arbor Michigan, it is important to fix it without delaying. Without properly addressing the issue, you can end up with cracks, holes and moisture damage, as well as losing energy efficiency in your home. If you don’t want to fully replace your siding, you may want to look into repairs. When your siding is damaged waiting can start to add up in damages and costs associated with the damaged siding. Here are some common problems that you may face with your home’s siding and what you can do about it.

Is Your Vinyl Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Failing? Here’s What You Should Do

Vinyl siding is a popular siding choice for many home owners. It’s affordable and protects the home very well. It’s also very durable and can last many years without needing to be replaced. Not only that but it also looks great and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This makes it one of the best choices for siding. But you still may have problems with the siding.

Is Your Vinyl Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Failing? Here's What You Should Do

What Causes Vinyl Siding Damage?

While vinyl does require very little maintenance to keep it in good condition, it can still be damaged under the right circumstances.


While vinyl is a nonporous material, it is still subject to mold and mildew. If this is not properly dealt with it can stain your vinyl and make it very difficult to get it to where it was before the mold.


Extreme heat from the sun, or a nearby heat source like a grill, can damage your vinyl siding as well. UV rays can not only fade, but weaken the siding, making is much easier to damage. Heat can also cause the vinyl to melt.


Strong winds can loosen the boards of the siding and even completely remove them if they are strong enough.


Impacts from hail, tree branches or even rogue baseballs can all dent, crack and puncture your siding.

Improper Installation

One of the easiest ways for siding to be damaged is when it starts off being improperly installed. vinyl needs to have a little space to move as it expands and contracts, and cannot be installed too tightly. If vinyl is too tight it can crack the siding and warp it. If siding is too loose, it can hit against the home and allow moisture to get in. This is why it is crucial to have a professional install the siding on your home and take care of any issue that may come up.

How Do You Repair Vinyl Siding?

If you want to repair your vinyl siding in Ann Arbor Michigan, it will depend on the type of damage and how large it is.

Small Repairs

For tiny cracks or holes, you can fill them with high quality caulk. You can get this at your local hardware store and you should fill the damage with a generous helping of caulk. Fill the entire area and let it fully dry. You can then file away the excess to make it even with the rest of the siding and then paint is over to match your home.

Medium Repairs

For slightly larger areas, you can cut a piece of fresh sizing and use a zip tool to attach it to your home. This will cover the area, but may not look as nice as the rest of your home and will not be viable to do multiple times.

Large Repairs

If you have larger areas of damage in your vinyl siding it is recommended that you replace that panel. This will ensure that the damage is fully repaired and prevent any further issue in that area.

When Should You Repair vs Replace?

Even the most thorough repair will only last you so long. For the best results it is better to remove the damaged panel and replace it with a new one. This will provide you with the durability, efficiency and aesthetic appeal of undamaged siding, while also saving you money on more repairs down the road.

It’s also a good idea to have a qualified siding contractor inspect, repair, or replace the siding if needed. At Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor we can offer you a free quote on repair or replacement of your home’s siding. Call us today for more details.