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The siding of your home is hands down one of the easiest ways to improve the overall aesthetic and curb appeal of your Ann Arbor home. It provides you with the even and flake resistant color around your home as well as protection from pests and the elements. But if you choose to go with vinyl siding there are a few issues you will need to consider and address as time goes on. Getting New siding on your home is a great home improvement project but make sure you use a qualified contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan to get the siding installed on your home. 

Issues You Need To Consider When Using Vinyl Siding On Your Ann Arbor Michigan Home

Vinyl is a material that will expand and contract as the weather and humidity changes. So even the best installed vinyl siding can allow moisture to get through cracks in between the home and the siding. When moisture gets into the space between your home and the siding it is almost impossible to get out and won’t dry out in such a dark and enclosed area. This means that the moisture can stay where it is and wreak havoc on the home creating mold, mildew, rot and leaks both on the outside of the home and throughout it. Once this occurs it is impossible to clean up and will need to be removed and replaced completely.  This means that if you want to prevent this damage, you will need to have a waterproof barrier installed in addition to the vinyl siding that will go in between the siding and the home itself to keep out the unwanted moisture.

Issues You Need To Consider When Using Vinyl Siding On Your Ann Arbor Michigan Home

Warping and Buckling

If your siding is not properly installed, you risk the vinyl warping and buckling over time. This is because of vinyl’s tendency to expand and contract during regular temperature and climate changes. This is why it is important for you to make sure the siding is properly installed in such a way to allow for this expansion and contraction while not giving too much space to do so. Ideally there should be around half an inch and if you don’t allow for this it can mean your vinyl is either too loose or too tight.


If your vinyl is too tight or too loose it can create a noise during temperature changes or strong winds. If you siding is too loose it can create a rattling sound as wind passes through it. If the siding is too tight it will make a popping or cracking sound during different temperatures. This is why you need to make sure your vinyl siding is properly installed.


Because the color of the siding is directly in the vinyl rather than being painted or stained onto the material, it provides a sleek and even color that will not chip off or peel. But it will however be exposed to UV rays from the sun day after day and can become faded. If your siding fades equally it may not seem like a big deal or very noticeable, but more often than not there will be one spot that will get more sun than the rest and will fade faster. This can create a splotchy look and, if left too long without being addressed, the constant sun exposure can even wear down and crack the vinyl siding.

Impact Damage

Whether it is from hail, rocks or any other item impacting the vinyl siding, if the force is great enough it can cause the vinyl to dent and even crack. While denting is not going to affect the vinyl’s effectiveness at protecting your home, it can cosmetically impact the value of your home and its curb appeal. But if cracking occurs you will need to replace either that section or the entire thing depending on how sever it is and how long it has been there for moisture to get into.

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