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Roof leaks are a major problem for any homeowner. They are often hard to spot without a professional roof inspection on your home and can quickly escalate to a very serious and costly roof repair if it’s not taken care of by a qualified roofing contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan. This is because roof leaks are often found when the damage becomes much more severe and evident to the untrained eye. To help you avoid these issues, it is important to take the time to perform some basic roof maintenance to stop roof leaks forming in the first place.

Roof Maintenance to Help Prevent Leaks on your Ann Arbor Michigan Home

Getting a roof inspection on your home is the best defense when it comes to protecting your home and properly maintaining your roof. A roof inspection can help locate problems that may not yet be a roof leak. Finding these problems early can help to prevent damage to your home and home furnishings. If you haven’t had a roof inspection on your home lately, consider getting a roofer such as Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor to inspect your home’s roof and repair any problems that are on the roof.

Roof Maintenance to Help Prevent Leaks on your Ann Arbor Michigan Home

Problems That Come with Roof Leaks

While you may associate roof leaks with dripping from ceilings and pots scattered around to catch it, there is a lot more that happens. Moisture in your roof and attic causes warping, rotting and sagging of structural supports, which can lead to cave ins and serious safety risks. Mold and mildew is also incredibly common and leads to health risks like respiratory problems, allergies and skin irritation.

Basic Roof Maintenance to Prevent Leaks

To give your roof the best chance of standing strong and preventing leaks, it is important to take certain steps.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters need to be cleaned to prevent blockages that will inhibit the flow of water through them. When water is able to build up, you can see overflowing gutters and moisture sitting on your roof and flashings. The more time moisture stays on your roof, the more the roof will be worn away into a leak. You should check and clean your gutters at least once a month to make sure nothing is blocking them.

Remove Debris

If you have strong winds and nearby trees, it can be easy for debris to end up on your roof. Leaves and snow hold moisture, providing a great way for leaks to form. Keep nearby trees trimmed, remove any debris, and use a snow rake to remove it from sitting on your roof more than necessary.

Check Your Attic

Before your leaks get to the point of mold, structural damage and working its way into your ceiling, you should be proactive and check your attic. The best time to do this is when it is raining when leaks will be easier to spot. Take a flashlight and shine it around to look for leaks, wet patches and other signs of water damage. You should also check any systems that may be in your attic like HVAC units for issues that could be causing leaks while you are up there.

Pay Attention to Problem Areas

Even when perfectly installed, any cuts into your roof will always be at a higher risk of leaks than the solid parts of your roof. If you have chimneys, skylights, or any other alterations to the solid roof, you should have them checked a few times a year for any issues. You should also look at areas where sealants were used, flashings and where sections meet to make sure there isn’t an issue.

Don’t Skip on Protection

While it can be tempting to save money by skipping certain features, or going with lower grade materials, you should always opt for preventing damage to your roof, rather than trying to fix it later. Make sure you have drip edges around your chimney, skylights, and any places where there is a valley created. You should also use high quality flashings and make sure everything is professionally installed.

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