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The siding on your home gives it a look that makes your home completely stand out from the crowd. Over the past few decades there are many new and different styles  and materials of siding that you can use to cover the exterior of your home. From the age old classic of wooden siding to the newer more modern looking flat fiber cement siding the choices of siding that you can use today are huge. Add in the ability for many different styles and colors of each type of siding and you’ve got loads of choices that can make your home look great. I’ll go over some of the different siding choices that are available in Ann Arbor Michigan today and give you some pros and cons of each type. 

Which Siding is Best for Your Ann Arbor Michigan Home?

There are many factors that you’ll need to consider when getting siding installed in Ann Arbor Michigan. The types and materials of siding that I’ll go over below I’ll basically look at the following factors to determine how well they stack up against each other:

  • Durability of the siding choice
  • Price of the siding choice including installation
  • Designs, colors, and patterns available
  • Warranty  and maintenance issues
  • How the siding looks

Although these are some of the biggest factors when it comes to siding each and every home here in Ann Arbor Michigan can be different. You’ll certainly want to choose a siding material that looks great on your home which I’ll help you do with the following tips.

Which Siding is Best for Your Ann Arbor Michigan Home?

Using Vinyl Siding on Your Home in Ann Arbor Michigan

In the past three or four decades one of the most popular types of siding is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is made from, you guessed it, vinyl. The planks of vinyl are designed to snap into each other giving the home a great looking finish. Vinyl siding is very economical choice for siding on your home and has a warranty of 10 years or more in most cases. There are different quality types available and many different colors and designs available. Vinyl siding may cracked more easily than other types of siding especially in winter in Ann Arbor MI.

Using Wooden Siding on Your Home in Ann Arbor Michigan

All of the other types of siding mentioned here have designs or features that are made to appear as if they were made of wood. The popularity and look of wooden siding is huge. There are problems associated with wooden siding however. The first problem is maintenance on the siding. Wooden siding may need to be treated with chemicals to resist staining or rotting. This includes painting some of the wooden siding every so often as well. Insects can also be a problem with wooden siding as well. Wooden siding requires a lot of maintenance and is more expensive typically than other types of siding mentioned here.

Using Metal Siding on Your Home in Ann Arbor Michigan

When it comes to metal siding today there are many commercial buildings that use it. For residential homes however, the metal siding that is used is much thinner. This means that once it hails on your home it can completely destroy the look of the siding and place all sorts of dents in the siding. While metal siding is great for commercial buildings and holds up well, it’s not used much on residential homes. Metal siding doesn’t require much maintenance however and the prices fluctuate a lot depending on raw material cost of metal.

Using Fiber Cement Siding on Your Home in Ann Arbor Michigan

One of the latest types of siding that has burst onto the market lately is called fiber cement siding. There are many advantages of using fiber cement siding. It holds up very well and is really strong once it’s installed on the home. It’s also great looking with patterns and colors that look flat and modern to wood grain planks that are installed on your home. The warranty on painted fiber cement siding starts at 15 years with extended warranties available. One of the more popular brands of fiber cement siding is called James Hardie Siding.

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