Your roof is a major part of your home. This being true, it’s also a sizable expense to replace or repair. No one wants to undertake a roof project, no matter how long they’ve been in their home. The tradeoff to making such an investment is knowing you and your family are living in a safe and comfortable home thanks to a great new roof in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

While a leak or significant visible damage can be a clear indication that you need a new roof, many homeowners are unaware of other signs that a roof replacement could be needed. Here are some of the biggest signals your home can give you that a roof replacement is near. Be sure to notice these signs of aging and contact a contractor soon to get this corrected as soon as you can.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

  1. Getting up in Years – Roofs age just like anything else on a house. Some last longer than others, and the upkeep over the years can impact just how long a roof can last. You could see signs of aging at 20 to 25 years, or you may not notice any significant issues until later.

Your roof can hide the fact that its seeing some results of its age, so be sure to have your roof regularly inspected by a professional to ensure that nothing is missed and you don’t end up with costly damages later.

  1. Buckles and Curls – When shingles are facing old age, they begin to curl and buckle. You’ll likely see curling at the edges of the shingles or even wrinkling (buckles) throughout the shingles. This means that there is an accumulation of moisture, which can lead to bigger problems itself. You’ll definitely want to consider taking care of these issues soon if you see them, as they can lead to leaks and even more problems later down the line.
  2. Bald Patches – It’s not just you that face balding issues in your older age – your roof can too! Sometimes it’s easy to spot a balding problem in a roof. You’ll likely begin to see granules in the form of a coarse sand near your downspots and in your yard. This isn’t just appearing out of nowhere – it’s granules from your shingles washing away.

Granules washing away isn’t just a problem for your roof, but they can also get into your gutter system and cause problems there too by clogging them up. Be sure to keep these cleaned out regularly so that your roof and gutter system aren’t both in need of being replaced.

If you observe your roof from afar on a summer day, you’ll likely see the inconsistencies in the roof coloring, which is a sure sign of shingle balding and an indication that a replacement is coming.

  1. Gaps and Cracking – Cracks are what can tell you that your roof is old. If you have cracking well before the expected time of your roof’s lifespan being up, then it could be due to severe weather, but you’ll still need to get it checked out since cracks can lead to leaks. This could mean a simple repair, but not if you leave it unresolved.

A good way to discern an isolated damaged area from weather versus old age is to note how widespread the cracks are. If there are cracks here and there throughout your roof, then you likely have a roof that’s worn out its welcome and it’s time to replace.

  1. Sagging Bags – If there is a sagging area on your roof, you need to call a contractor without a second thought. Your roof should not sag in any place, no matter what, so if it does, you are overdue for a replacement. This is an indicator of a structural problem, which translates into a serious issue if left alone.
  2. Unappealing Curb Aesthetic – Take a good look at your home from your street and really look at your roof. Does it look kind of, off? If you aren’t quite pleased with what you see, you could have a worn out roof that’s due for replacement.

Look for inconsistent color, streaks, and cracks in the roof. You may also be able to best notice sagging areas and buckled places this way. As your roof ages, it won’t look as fresh, so this is a good indicator that it’s time to replace.

  1. Leaks! – Of course leaks are a huge sign that you may need significant roof repair, or even replacement. You may not always see these leaks, though, so you’ll need to check your attic for water stains that just haven’t made themselves noticeable in your living quarters just yet. If you think you may have a leak, you should really do this after a heavy rain or when the snow is melting in the winter. You should be able to spot a leak in these cases.

If you notice your walls are looking a little drab, take a closer look. Bubbling or peeling paint could also indicate you’ve got a major undetected leak on your hands. It’s your house – if something is sticking out as unusual to you, it probably is! Check it out to be sure you aren’t ignoring a huge and costly leak.

Keep in mind that leaks can be water but they can also be light and air. Check out your attic during the day without turning on any overhead bulbs. If you see the sun seeping in through cracks, then know you are losing heat in the winter and cooler air during the summer, and could even have water leaking in from time to time this way.

  1. High Energy Costs – If you start to notice that your energy bills are higher and higher, it’s likely due to your roof becoming less effective as an insulator against the weather and elements. Your HVAC system is working overtime to remedy this, and you’ll really start to notice once it hits you where it hurts. While poorly insulated doors and windows could also be the culprit, your roof is what makes it or breaks it in this area, so if you see this noticeable difference in getting your climate regulated inside, your roof is to blame. You’ll want to consider replacing your roof at this point – for your comfort and for your budget!

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