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When it comes to your home’s windows making sure they are safe should be a priority. Most of us never think about our windows or the safety factors that are included in the windows. But having a safe window in your home is a must. In this article I’ll go over some simple tests to help you determine if your windows are safe and if they should be replaced. Make sure that you test your home’s windows in Ann Arbor Michigan to see if they pass. If not, you may want to consider getting replacement windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

Simple Tests Your Home Windows Should Pass for Safety in Ann Arbor Michigan

Usually when home windows are installed in an area such as Ann Arbor they aren’t really used much. Due to the colder winters here in Ann Arbor there are not many times when home owners will open windows like they did years ago. Home now have climate controlled living spaces that opening a window means that more energy will be used. So why these tests about opening windows? It’s simple, in emergency situations having a fully functioning window is crucial and can provide a way to escape if needed. These window tests are not just for escape either. Read over each safety tip and see if your home’s windows pass. If they don’t consider upgrading your windows to make your home more safe and secure.

Simple Tests Your Home Windows Should Pass for Safety in Ann Arbor Michigan

Does the Window Open Easily?

For windows that may be used for escape in case of a fire make sure they can be opened easily. You’ll also want to check any storm windows or other components such as bars on the windows. The window should be opened easily with one hand and you should not need to force the window open. If you have children in your home make sure they can also open the window. Many times on wooden windows the paint can actually seal the window shut and not allow it to open at all. Sometimes the tracks in windows fail and the window doesn’t open easily. In either case you’ll need to consider getting the windows repaired or replaced. Having a window as an escape route during a fire can save you or a family members life and should not be overlooked.

Does the Window Stay Open?

Another test that you’ll need to perform is that the window stays open by itself. You should not need to place a book or other item to keep the window open. Once the window is raised to a certain level it should stay at the level without any other item. You’ll need the window to stay open in case it’s needed for an escape route during a fire. A window that slams back shut also adds a bit of risk of breaking as well.

Does the Window Have Dual or Multiple Locks?

Most of the windows that are manufactured today and in the past few years have multiple locks that are tamper proof. If your home’s window only has a single locking mechanism consider adding more for extra security. By adding an additional lock you can help to prevent break-ins to your home.

Is There Signs of Damage On the Window?

Although the items mentioned above can certainly help you test your windows to make sure they are safe and secure there are other problems you’ll want to consider. One problem is a leaking window that allows water to accumulate on the window sill. As this water accumulates it can allow mold to grow on the window which can be bad for your health. Regularly check your windows for mold and moisture around the window. This is usually present in the bottom corners of the window and may be on the window frame itself.

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