The Process of Getting a Roof Replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan

Roofing problems can occur at any time. With strong storms and winds that can damage your roof always a threat, your roof is under constant bombardment from weather. Most roofs are designed to last a long time and can withstand some of this severe weather. In fact, most roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan will last for more than 15 years. And since the time frame is so big, many home owners don’t know the entire process of getting a new roof installed on their homes. We’ll go over the process and steps of getting a new roof from the initial consultation to the final product in this post.

The Process of Getting a Roof Replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan

Here at Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor we are a full service home improvement company. We can install a new roof on your home quickly and affordably. Their are many options when it comes to installing a new roof however and sometimes you may just need a simple roof repair done on your home. In either case, we’ll go over the process of roof replacement below and what you can expect from your roof installation project.

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Getting a Roof Inspection on Your Home

Sometimes home owners will have other contractors tell them that they need a new roof installed on their homes when they actually don’t. Obviously, roofers will make more money installing a new roof rather than a small roof repair job. So to start it’s always best to determine if you actually need a completely new roof or not. The best way to determine this is to do a roof inspection on your home to determine your roof’s condition. We’ll also look for areas of concern that may need to be addressed during the roof replacement.

Consultation and Estimate

After we’ve determined that you need a roof replacement on your home we’ll go over any problems we’ve found and how to best address them during the roof replacement. We’ll also give you a free consultation on some of the options that are available such as type or designs of the roofing along with other options such as method of roof replacement. If you need a more economical way to get a new roof on your home we can help by offering products that better fit your budget.

Financing and Contract Details

Once the project is finalized and all the details have been discussed then it’s time to look over the roof contract. The roof project contract will detail the work that is to be done and materials used. It may also have any financing and payment details. The roof contract is important because it protects both the roofer and home owner and helps to clear up any confusion about the project. If there is a concern about the roof contract be sure to inquire about it before signing.

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Removal of Old Roof

When the work starts on the roof replacement project the first thing that will be done is removal of the old roofing materials. First, we’ll place protective barriers around your home in front of windows and other areas to protect them from any damage from wayward debris. If you decided to have a roof over project done, much of the old roofing materials is left in place. Any debris from the roof removal process is collected in containers for removal.

Installation of Roofing Components

Once the old roofing materials are removed and all repairs are made to the roof then the new roofing system is installed. The roofing system will have several components that are installed such as ice dam protection, underlayment, shingles, etc….

Clean Up and Final Inspection

After all the roofing materials are installed the project manager will inspect the entire roof to look for any signs of problems. We’ll also make sure the entire area is cleaned and does not have any debris present. We’ll also run over the areas that could have nails around with a powerful magnet to ensure you don’t have any nails from the project in your yard. From this point your new roof is installed and protecting your home.

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Most roofing projects can be done in a single day. Give us a call today if you need a new roof installed on your home. At Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor we can provide free quotes for your roofing projects. Call us today to learn more.