Top 10 Issues That Requires A Professional Roof Repair in Ann Arbor Michigan

It’s very common for homeowners to want to tackle repairs to their roofs themselves as this could seemingly save a lot of money, however most roof repairs need to be done professionally by trained and experienced roofers to ensure the job is done right. Roof repairs in Ann Arbor Michigan can be very risky and often complex to get just right, that’s why sometimes it’s better to hire a professional roofer to get the job done.

As you know, everyone loves saving money and that’s a big factor on why many homeowners love doing things themselves, but with improper installations, the dangers, and the potential loss of money when messing up a repair then having to hire a professional roofing company, sometimes it can be best to just go ahead and go with a professional.

Top 10 Issues That Requires A Professional Roof Repair in Ann Arbor Michigan

Today we’re going to go over the top 10 issues that require a professional roof repair in Ann Arbor Michigan. These issues are definitely not something to mess around with. Especially since your roof is your foundation keeping your home safe and secure, so if you spot any of these issues in this list, you should contact a local roofing company to get it repaired.

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1: Missing Shingles

Walk around your home and inspect around your yard, if there’s any shingles on your yard then there’s a chance your roof needs to be repaired. Shingles can get knocked off your home and cause problems like leaks, even misaligned shingles can cause problems. If you’re not comfortable with climbing up your roof, then stand on the ground and inspect your roof from there to see if any shingles are missing, damaged, or misaligned. You should consider getting an inspection done by a local roofing company to ensure that you aren’t overlooking anything and that you get the right repairs done before they become worse.

2: Pool Of Water

A pool of water on your roof for more than a few days can cause a lot of damage, it can seep into your roof and start damaging it. Built up debris on your roof, clogged up gutters, and draining issues can cause a pool of water to form, being unable to drain off your roof properly.

3: Animals Damaging Your Roof

Animals are prone to damaging homeowners roofs, such as raccoons, squirrels, and even pests. These animals can go through your roof, damaging your homes structure and leaving gaps for water to come in. If you spot a lot of animals around your home, it would be ideal to have your roof inspected to ensure no damage has already been made by them.

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4: Bad Installation/Repair

Having a trusted quality roofing company is always the first step to have when wanting your roof replaced or repaired, but sometimes people don’t look into if a company or person is professional or not. So bad repairs and installations can happen and they can cause serious issues with your roof, if you notice your roof is having any issues after a repair or installation was done, you should consult with a professional roofing company to come out and inspect your roof to make sure the job is done right.

5: Overhanging Branches

Branches can overhang onto your roof and cause a few problems, the most notable one being them ripping your shingles off. If they’re sitting on top of your roof, then you have them removed as soon as possible. If they’re scraping your roof, they can cause wear and tear on your shingles, making it easy for them to get knocked off and cause leaks, branches that are above your roof can also fall and cause problems to your roof as well so it’s definitely not something to play around with.

6: Leaking Roof

One thing is for certain, if you find that your roof is leaking, then you need to have it inspected and repaired as quickly as you can. Leaks can cause so many problems to your home, it’s definitely not something you should neglect or put off.

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We know repairs to your roof can be costly sometimes and not everyone wants to pay the price, however your roof is protecting your home from so many things. It shouldn’t be neglected or put off, because it could just end up costing you way more money in the future. So if you spot any of these issues, be sure to give us a call here at Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor for roof repair service. We offer free quotes and can handle all roof repairs no matter how small or large.