Attic Remodel Ann Arbor MI

If you’re considering adding on to your home or building out  be sure to consider getting an attic remodel first to add space. By getting an attic remodel Ann Arbor MI done you can transform space you already have in your home into more living space. In this article I’ll discuss getting an attic remodel and include some tips and advice on what you should be considering when getting an attic remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

Want More Living Space? Consider Getting an Attic Remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan

While more living space is something that most people want they sometimes aren’t able to add on to the home. Either because of property lines too close, home or zoning restrictions, or just a lack of funds. Getting an addition on your home can sometimes be expensive and it requires lots of additional things such as foundation support, roofing, and exterior siding jut to name a few. So why not take advantage of an area in your home where you don’t need to worry about these things? The attic is a great place to add additional rooms that you can live in. There are some limits on the attic space and some guidelines that you’ll need to follow but it’s a great way to add living space without spending thousands of dollars on an addition to your home.

Want More Living Space? Consider Getting an Attic Remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan

What Can You Do With An Attic Remodel

Usually the attic in the home is just a place to store random things here and there. It’s where boxes of items are packed away for years without bother. We always put Christmas items in the attic in my home and basically it was visiting only twice during the year. Once to take the stuff down and then again to put it back up there. The complete area was not used at all and basically going to waste. There are so many things you can do in an attic space. For homes with larger attics you basically can add a completely new floor plan to the home.

Here are some types of rooms you can add in the attic:

  • Spare Bedroom – Add a bedroom that guests can enjoy if they come to stay in your home
  • Kids Playroom – Having a place for the kids to play and give them a larger open space rather than having toys strewn about the living room is great.
  • Home Office – Create a home office space for your home to take care of business and have everything in one secure area.
  • Game Room / Theater – Give yourself a play for entertainment. Game rooms and theater work great in the attic. The theater room is great if the attic doesn’t have windows.
  • Any Other Room – Need a bedroom for a teenager, or just a place to paint a portrait? The attic remodel in your home can be anything you like.

Things to Consider When Getting an Attic Remodel

Although getting an attic remodel can be great there are some things you’ll need to consider before you jump into a full attic remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan. Here are some things that you’ll want to consider if you’re planning on remodeling your attic.

Cost of Project – While getting an attic remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan is likely more inexpensive than getting an addition on your home it can still be pricey. Although all homes are different and the price can vary widely it’s best to budget for a home remodel project such as an attic remodel and get estimates first.

Added Value to Home – Adding more living space to your home can certainly add value to your home and should be considered when getting an estimate. Adding a spare bedroom with bathroom can be better but simply adding just more living space adds value.

Structural Components – Doing an attic remodel yourself is not recommended. There are many structural elements that need to be considered when getting an attic remodel and local building codes that must be followed.

Ease of Entry – When getting an attic remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan be sure to consider how easy it will be to enter the attic. This can be problematic for some homes.

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