Siding in Ann Arbor MI

Your home is a reflection of your personality. Because of this many people want their home’s to look great. And if your home is starting to show some age it may be time to install new siding on your home in Ann Arbor Michigan. New siding can have many advantages and it’s not just to make the home look better. Of course, with the different materials that are available for siding today and what you choose to go on your home will have an impact on exactly what those benefits are. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most popular siding choices used in Ann Arbor Michigan today and list the pros and cons so you can reach a more informed buying decision for your home and truly make the home look great. 

What Material Should You Choose for Your Home Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan

Replacing the siding on your Ann Arbor Michigan home is a decision that comes with plenty of options. You get to choose the look and feel of the material, from color to texture. The siding on your home is like its coat of armor; it protects the interior from the elements and also serves a decorative purpose. How do you know which option is the best one? Most people don’t even realize that the siding on their home’s can be changed from one material to another. But replacing the siding on your home can be done on a variety of siding choices including those listed in this article. Before you settle into a siding choice that looks like it fits your aesthetic needs, learn about which materials suit which climates. Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor is always here to help with any of your home siding questions and a free estimate (734) 619-1271.

What Material Should You Choose for Your Home Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan

Resilient and Long-Lasting: Fiber Cement or James Hardie Siding

Most siding requires consistent maintenance and repair throughout the years, but fiber cement is durable enough to withstand strong winds, storms, and water damage with minimal fuss. This type of siding is designed to last for decades. It is a man-made product that is composed mostly of sand and cement. Despite the drab name, fiber cement actually comes in many visual options that can be customized to fit the look of your home. Normally, it will come with a finish already, but you do have the option to paint over the tiles/shingles. It is also generally efficient, reducing the loss and gain of heat to the interior of your home.

Efficient With Savings: Insulated Vinyl Siding

The best part about going with an insulated vinyl siding option is that the upkeep is super easy. Vinyl is designed to be easy to clean, and it never requires any painting or staining. It is water-resistant, therefore it will not break down over time during storms. Because this siding is actually insulated, you will notice savings on your energy bill. With a better way to keep your home at a consistent temperature, you will need to spend less money on heating it. Keep in mind that you might also have to pay a little bit more to install this kind of siding because it is bulkier than the rest due to the insulation.

The Traditional Option: Vinyl Siding

Much like the previous option mentioned, there is also the choice to go with  traditional vinyl siding. Why would you pick this one over the other? For one, going this route is cheaper upfront since it is not padded with additional material. If you live in a climate that does not necessarily experience extreme Winter temperatures (such as California or Florida), this could be a good decision for your home. It will still protect and shield from water damage and other elements, but it will not insulate your home as intensely. This is an option here in Ann Arbor Michigan but insulated siding will be much better for your home. You likely won’t be saving any money on your monthly bill, but keep in mind the original cost of the siding will likely be less expensive.

Remember, if you are still unsure about which option to go with, Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor can always assist you in the decision making process. Call today for a free estimate and get your home looking its best!