Roof Algae or Moss in Ann Arbor MI

Roofs are an incredibly durable and resilient part of your home. But relatively minor issues can become major threats to your roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan and the rest of your home. Algae is one of those threats that can completely ruin your roof in a very short amount of time. So, whether you notice one small spot on your roof, or a neighbor has algae on their roofs that can spread through the air to your roof, you need to take steps to protect your home.

What to Do if You Have Algae on Your Roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan

Protecting your home from the elements and keeping your home dry is the roof’s main job. As a secondary job the roof is designed to look great on your home which adds curb appeal to the home. Today there are many shingle roofing designs such as architectural shingles which are designed to not only protect the home better but also give the roof a more pronounced look to add curb appeal to your home. However, if your roof is starting to get algae and moss growing on it, you’re likely hurting the curb appeal of your home more than helping it. The question is what can you do if you have this eyesore on your roofing shingles and how can you avoid it in the future so that it doesn’t come back? We will share some details of what you can do below:

What to Do if You Have Algae on Your Roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan

Preventing Algae on Your Roof

To help prevent algae on your roof, you need to be proactive and be willing to spend some extra time and money for long-term savings. You will need to always keep nearby trees trimmed, remove any debris like leaves from your roof, and keep your gutters cleared. You also need to watch out for algae on the neighboring roofs because it can easily spread through the air and start growing on your roof. While you might not be able to convince them to take care of the algae on their roof, you can be on high alert for your roof and stop any growth as soon as it pops up.

To provide even more protection from algae, and help limit the amount of impact from neighboring roofs, you can also invest in some better roof materials. Algae resistant shingles or metal sheeting are strongly recommended for areas where algae is common, like humid environments, or areas with lots of rainfall or dew. If you have a history of algae on your roof, or in your neighborhood, it can be beneficial to go with the algae resistant materials. This will save you money on repairs, and time removing algae. Algae resistant shingles utilize granules that include ionized metals, which help stop mold from growing.

If you can’t afford to install algae resistant shingles, or just replaced your roof, you can also consider using metal strips. Ionized metal like zinc or copper can be attached to the top of your roof, and impact the rain water that comes in contact with it. When rain water picks up this ion, it carries that ion with it as the water works down the roof. Ionized water cannot help algae in any way. While this won’t help water that doesn’t come into contact with the metal strips, it can help, making it worth the money.

Removing Algae on Your Roof

To remove algae from your roof, you will need to use a 50/50 mix of water and chlorine bleach. Spray the area with this mixture, but avoid using high powered application like a pressure washer. This is because high pressure can damage shingles and escalate pre-existing damage. Let the mixture stay on the roof for at least 20 minutes, but then rinse off the mixture with plain water. While this won’t work to forever stop algae growth, you will see a stop to new algae spots for about a year.

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